Career Success Workshops Designed With The Career Seeker In Mind

CareerSource Research Coast invites you to attend a career success workshop designed to help you be successful in your job search. Below is a description of each workshop available. To find the workshop date and time nearest you, select the corresponding Career Center calendar below. Please note: Registration in is required to participate in any workshop. If you have not registered, click here.

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Road to Employment

The job search process can be quite intimidating if it your first time or haven’t been in the job market for a while. We have designed this one-hour workshop to provide a quick overview of the job search process, some do’s and don’ts and what our organization can do to assist you in gaining re-employment and a successful future.

Employ Florida Workshop & Lab

Employ Florida ( is the State’s virtual online job bank. By attending the Employ Florida workshop, you will gain valuable knowledge on how to search for jobs, post your resume, conduct research, and access many other features designed to specifically help you in your career search campaign. The Employ Florida workshop is supplemented by an open lab which allows attendees to receive guidance as necessary while actively using the Employ Florida web site. Lab attendees may conduct job searches, create resumes, conduct research, or use any of Employ Florida’s other great features all with a qualified staff member in attendance to provide feedback and assistance as necessary. Pre-Requisites; Basic Computer Skills (Mouse Control, Keyboard and Navigation skills)

Navigating Employ Florida

Employ Florida ( is the State’s virtual online job bank. By attending the Employ Florida workshop, you will gain valuable knowledge on how to search for jobs, post your resume, conduct research, and access many other features designed to specifically help you in your career search campaign. Pre-Requisites: Basic Computer Skills (Mouse Control, Keyboard and Navigation skills)

Open Lab

Open Lab provides an opportunity for career seekers to obtain help and guidance with a variety of hands-on activities related to the job search process. The Open Lab facilitator is there to provide assistance to those working in the Employ Florida website in areas such as initial registration, resume construction, job search, and career/market research. Feedback and assistance can also be provided to those building resumes using standard word processing software. Those wishing to research potential career options can receive help in the registration and use of the My Career Shines website where they can conduct self-assessments and improve job search and job related skills. Lastly, those in need of improving basic computer or word processing skills can also receive assistance via several computer-based training (CBT) websites.
Prerequisite: Those seeking assistance with anything other than basic computer skills, must possess basic computer skills (Mouse Control, Keyboard and Navigation skills)

Résumé Strategies

An introduction to the importance of a well-written resume, this workshop will help teach you the purpose, structure and guidelines to sharpen your edge in the highly competitive job market. Create and target a winning resume to land your next interview.

Résumé Clinic

Already have a resume? Looking for a review? This self-service clinic allows you to have a trained staff member review, evaluate and help you determine if your resume puts your best self forward. Pre-Requisites: Completed Resume Strategies workshop; A fully completed resume in or in MS Word; Basic Computer Skills (Mouse Control, Keyboard and Navigation skills)

Interview Preparation

Interviewing for the next best job, how to face fears! Workshop discussion topics include: preparing for the interview, what happens before, during and after the interview, how to answer the most common and difficult questions confidently and closing the interview.  Participants will be provided resources and tips for success!


Upon completion of the Interview Preparation workshop you will have an opportunity to experience an actual interview through role playing to help you understand how to answer typical and behavioral based interview questions.  Pre-Requisite: Attended Interview Preparation Workshop

Computer Lab
If you are a job seeker and entering into the world of technology, then this workshop will introduce you on how to use the mouse and keyboard, along with identifying and navigating components of the desktop, how to use a flash drive, save and upload a document on the internet when filling out application. We will also introduce you to web base tutorials that will help you with basic computer skills, typing, how to use the internet and Microsoft Office.

Word Processing Basics
Learn the basics of word processing in order to enhance your career search experience. During this workshop we will review fonts and sizes, editing, formatting, printing and more. Word processing is a must when it comes to writing resumes. Pre-Requisite: Mouse, keyboard and typing skills

Job Search Success
Experience shows that those individuals who have a thorough understanding of the job search process tend to secure employment more effectively than those who do not. Therefore, we have developed this workshop to provide the career seeker with key information regarding the job search process. Topics include organizing for an effective job search; employment planning including personal assessments and required market research; social media considerations; and job search strategies, to include a discussion of networking, and active job searches. Pre-Requisite: Mouse, keyboard and typing skills.  Pre-Requisite: Mouse, keyboard and typing skills

Job Fair Preparation/Make the Most of the Job Fair
This workshop will help you develop the skills you need to get the most out of your job fair experience including application/resume preparation, interviewing skills techniques, networking, and developing your “infomercial”. Don’t just come to the job fair, come prepared!

Successful Reentry: Job Search Considerations for Ex-Offenders
This workshop covers important information to those who must overcome criminal background issues in order to secure employment. Covered topics include Concerns and Considerations, to include discussion of Networking, employment portfolios, specific issues related to applications, resumes, and interviews. Additional topics covered include Employer Incentives to Hire; Background Checks, Federal and State Laws, and the Sealing and Expungement of Records.

Florida Ready to Work
The State of Florida Ready to Work credential shows employers that you have completed an assessment that reveals you have the basic skills needed to succeed on the job. You will enroll and register to take three online placement tests and build your skills using the online course-ware from any computer, anywhere, anytime at your own pace. You will then be scheduled to take three proctored final assessments to receive your Bronze, Silver or Gold Level Credential.

Work Certified
Our flagship, award winning national work readiness program created by employers and educators to enhance Job Seekers’ skills and provide them with employment success and employers with employees they can be proud of! The approach is more of a “business-training” program with certification given to participants who have demonstrated that they are truly ready to be responsible, productive employees. The success of our Work Certified™ program is based upon job acquisition, retention, and promotion!

OPERATION: Employment

A special workshop designed to assist our Veterans in making the transition from service to a career. OPERATION: Employment covers: job search process, training opportunities, community resources and more.