Internships for Your Business

We are seeking to connect employers with those in need of an internship opportunity.
Key Points:

  • Lack of relevant work experience and specific skills are at times the main reasons that normally prevent employers from hiring that ideal candidate. Hiring someone as an intern is a viable option to address skills and experience gaps. This may be the most effective way to evaluate a candidate’s potential as a full-time employee.
  • CareerSource Research Coast has designed an internship program to assist eligible career seekers and industry-specific employers in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Information Technology, Professional & Business Services, and Logistics.

How it works:

As the host site, you select qualified interns from among an eligible pool of candidates presented to you by CareerSource Research Coast.

– Participants work up to 40 hours per week for 12 weeks or 480 hours.
– CareerSource Research Coast covers payroll, taxes and worker’s compensation.
– All interns are covered by Florida’s Workers Compensation Policy.
– Wages in targeted occupations must be between $12 to $22 per hour.

If you as an employer have a need for skilled labor for in-demand occupations, the Internship program may be right for you.

To become an internship site, please email us at