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Companies on Florida’s Research Coast are utilizing apprenticeship programs to train talent, retain customers and grow their business.

Apprenticeship Statistics

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The national average retention rate for apprentices.

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We reimburse up to half of training costs.

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The average return on investment for employers.

Learn More About Apprenticeships

CareerSource Research Coast can help you establish an apprenticeship training program for new and existing employees. We are committed to covering tuition for classroom training and reimbursing job-training costs.

If you have an established Apprenticeship program and would like to be included on our Eligible Training Providers List, please fill out the form here:

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Email us at apprenticeships@careersourcerc.com or call 866-482-4473 to learn more.  Short on time? Simply complete the contact form below and we will follow up with all the material and information to get your business started.

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Explore Apprenticeship Resources

Is an apprenticeship right for your business?

Read this list of key questions to ask when deciding whether an apprenticeship program is right for you. You can build an apprenticeship program in any industry, including manufacturing, logistics and healthcare.

How do apprenticeships work in our state?

This sheet will help you learn about the elements of a high-quality apprenticeship program. We have experience filling skills gaps in key sectors, and can even sponsor your program, providing the necessary funding.

How do I start an apprenticeship program?

We guide you through the apprenticeship process so you can customize your recruiting, hiring and training processes. There are so many benefits to this training method – learn how it can benefit your business.

Gain an Edge in Your Industry

Apprenticeship programs are a smart way to train. Businesses get to hand-pick talent and teach necessary skills, according to industry standards. Specialty trained employees are retained at a high rate. So, you don’t have to recruit as much down the line.

Current employees can become apprentices, too.

With apprenticeship, they will earn while they learn and become your company’s most valued assets. Establishing your apprenticeship program is as simple as creating a set of training guidelines that prepare you to succeed in the future.

We Can Help

CareerSource Research Coast assists businesses in creating training opportunities that help both employers and employees succeed. We’ll also complete and file the necessary paperwork for an apprenticeship program – making the process smooth and hassle-free.

Proven in Manufacturing

We have helped set up programs for Research Coast manufacturers in aircraft, marine and overall production. Need to train for the Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT) certification? The apprenticeship model provides structure so you can better meet industry demands.

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