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CareerSource Research Coast can do so much more than you thought when it comes to helping you attract, find and secure talent for the vital roles within your company.

Training Grants

On-the-job training offers participants an opportunity to earn as they learn, while you as an employer benefit by receiving a partial wage reimbursement during the training period.

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With the right people, in the right jobs, you’re set for success.

CareerSource Research Coast can help you find qualified candidates who are trained and equipped with the right skills to fill your positions.

  • Recruit and Retain

    Finding the right talent for your business is important. Reach local, state and national applicants by posting job openings on

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  • Employee Training

    By providing businesses grants to help train their new and current employees, we can help the companies on the Research Coast advance and become more competitive. Explore the training grants we offer today.

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  • Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit

    Keep your business strong with employee retention, a safer work environment, a positive workplace culture, healthier, happier employees, and greater employee productivity

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For Employers

The decision to lay off employees is one that no employer wants to make.

If layoffs do occur at your company, inviting our Rapid Response team to meet with affected workers prior to the layoff will allow your employees to access services and programs that will help them through the difficult time. Let’s do everything we can to get them back to work quickly.

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Our services are offered at no cost to you!

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