Employer Services

With the right people, in the right jobs,
you’re set for success!

Find qualified candidates who are trained and equipped with the right skills to fill your positions and help your business succeed. Enjoy better trained employees, lower turnover, and a more successful bottom line.

CareerSource Research Coast can leverage our resources to assist your company in remaining current with local labor market trends.


  • Reach local, state and national applicants by posting job openings
    on EmployFlorida.com.
  • Maximize exposure of your job openings by posting your positions
    to job boards, websites and social networks on the Internet.
  • We organize and coordinate job
    fairs, recruitment events & employer spotlights to meet your recruiting needs.
  • We provide you with interviewing facilities with conference rooms and Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Local Area Profile
  • Regional Labor Market Data
  • Economic Profile Reports
  • Regional Unemployment Rates
  • Targeted Industry Sectors and Occupations

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Additional Employer Services

  • Grants and Incentives

    We offer a variety of grants and incentives including On the Job Training Grants, Employed Worker Training (EWT) Grants, and Incumbent Worker Training. Find out if you qualify.

  • Rapid Response Services

    Providing Rapid Response services to your workers during layoffs or plant closings will result in multiple benefits to you as an employer.

  • Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit

    The CareerSource Research Coast Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit has been developed to raise awareness with employers about how to respond to the risks associated with the misuse of opioids and other drugs.

Our services are offered at no cost to you!

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