CareerSource Research Coast recognizes April as ‘Second Chance’ month with hiring opportunities

Since 2017, April has been recognized as ‘Second Chance’ month to raise awareness of employment opportunities for returning citizens following the completion of their sentences after an arrest and/or conviction.

CareerSource Research Coast (CSRC) will host four job Fairs throughout April at four Career Center locations throughout the Treasure Coast. The job fairs are specific to the needs of job seekers facing issues finding employment due to the consequences of an arrest or conviction for which their sentences have been completed.

“When you have a returning citizen in need of a second chance but can’t find employment because of their previous arrest we are only providing a path for them to commit more crime out of their desperation,” said Brian Bauer, CEO of CSRC. “Our solution is to match employers who are willing to work with returning citizens and show them a path of employment where they can earn a living and offer a positive impact on the community.”

Prior to each of the Second Chance Job Fairs CSRC will host an engaging workshop focused on resume creation, interview preparation, mock interviews, and more. Following the training, job seekers will test their new skills and meet with employers on hand looking to fill vacancies on their staff.

To encourage businesses The federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit gives employers who hire a qualified second chance job seeker a tax credit of up to 25% of their first year’s wages if the employee works at least 120 hours, and 40% if they work over 400.

If your business would like to participate or to learn of the dates, times, and locations of each Second Chance Job Fair in April please visit or call 1-866-4U2-HIRE. Job seekers must register prior to the job fairs at