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COVID-19 Dislocated Worker Grant: Do You Qualify?

Have you lost work due to the COVID-19 pandemic? CareerSource Research Coast has received grant funds to provide you with temporary, paid employment during the COVID-19 pandemic while providing much-needed disaster relief services to our local communities. If you have been laid off, received an employment termination or layoff notice, have been unemployed long-term, or were self-employed and became unemployed due to COVID-19, you may qualify as a dislocated worker.

Make New Connections, Learn New Skills and Give Back to Your Community

Dislocated Worker Grants address workforce-related impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Approved emergency applications collectively include critical humanitarian assistance activities and disaster-relief cleanup for significantly impacted communities. You’ll gain new skills, make new connections and help your community recover all at the same time.

Job Seeker Services

Once you’ve completed your temporary work assignment, take advantage of CareerSource Research Coast’s job seeker services to transition to permanent employment or train for an in-demand career.

  • Career planning,
  • Employer referrals,
  • Interview preparation,
  • Resume assistance, and more!

Complete the Dislocated Worker Candidate Referral Form to see if you qualify.


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