Federal Bonding Program

Job Placement Assistance for Florida’s High Risk Job Seekers

What is Federal Bonding?

Some career seekers are considered high risk, which hinders their ability to become commercially bonded. The Federal Bonding Program assists these career seekers in securing employment by providing employers a free fidelity bond on their behalf. Without this bond, the career seeker’s inability to become bonded by an insurance company decreases the chances of them obtaining a job.

What is a Fidelity Bond?

A fidelity bond is an insurance policy that many employers obtain to protect their business against losses that occur as a result of fraudulent acts by dishonest employees.

Fidelity Bond Amounts

Fidelity bonds are issued in increments of $5,000.

What type of backgrounds make a career seeker high risk?

  • Poor credit history
  • Dishonorable discharge from military
  • Criminal background
  • Lack of work history
  • Substance abuse background

All career seekers are eligible for the Federal Bonding Program. Although the program is primarily for high risk career seekers, anyone who has a job offer from an employer can become bonded.

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