Tobacco Free Assistance Program

Kick the habit!

Kicking the habit not only has proven health and financial benefits, but as more and more businesses become tobacco free, it may improve job prospects as well.

That’s why CareerSource Research Coast has teamed up with Tobacco Free Florida to support tobacco users’ efforts to quit. It’s easy to get free assistance at any of our one-stop career centers, and you don’t even have to be registered or use our services.

Tobacco products include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes, hookahs, smokeless (chewing) tobacco and electronic or “e-cigarettes.”

Referral Assistance to FREE Services

  • One-on-one counseling, access to support groups and tobacco cessation products through a local Area Health Education Center (AHEC);
  • Enrollment in Tobacco Free Florida’s online program;
  • One-on-one couseling and support as well as tobacco cessation products through the local Quit Line;
  • Access to Tobacco Free cost calculators to see weekly, monthly and annual savings based on their average tobacco usage;
  • Consultation with CareerSource Research Coast staff member to understand the benefits of being tobacco free in today’s job market;
  • The support you need to quit!

How to Get a Referral

Visit any CareerSource Research Coast location and meet with a staff member to receive free quit assistance materials as well as program referrals.

Additional assistance and materials are available by visiting Tobacco Free Florida.

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