Debt, Money and Credit Concepts

Financial Literacy Program for Students

Financial literacy and learning is essential for life. Follow the instructions below to complete the Financial Literacy Program

Step 1: Go to Debt Management Credit Counseling Corporations’s Educational Website:

Step 2: You will need to register to take the course by selecting “Create New Account” on the right-hand side of the page.

Step 3: Complete all fields and select “Create New Account.”

Step 4: Confirmation of your registration will be emailed to your own email address.

Step 5: Once you click on the link in your email to confirm your registration, the system will take you to a thank you page where you will have to click on “Courses.”

Step 6: Select “Financial Literacy,” then select “Debt, Money & Credit Concepts” and proceed to enter your enrollment key: CareerSource@RC1 (be sure to enter the characters correctly, as the system is case sensitive.)

Step 7: Click on “Enroll Me.”

Once you have registered, you may log off the system at any time. Your work and times are logged.

To log into Financial Literacy Program, go to Enter your username and password and click on “Log In” to access the course.

Our system will notify us when you register and once again when all modules have been completed.

Your certificate of completion will automatically be created and available upon successful completion of the course.

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