Youth Pathways to Success

Find your Pathway to Success

Pathways to Education

Youth Connections encourages our participants to enroll in college and long-term career training programs so that they achieve their career goals and dreams.

We will assist you to identify the level of education you need for your desired career field. Then our staff will assist with completing college applications and financial aid forms, as well as scholarship applications. We may also be able to assist you with the cost of required materials or fees.

Pathways to Employment

The main goal of the Youth Connections program is to prepare our participants to become employed and, ultimately, get a job!

Job Search

– Finding job openings in your area

– Assistance completing employment applications

– Creating a professional resume and cover letter

– Job Interview practice

Work Experience

Youth Connections partners with local employers to provide Work Experience opportunities. Work Experience is a paid internship to gain “real-world” experience in the workplace, build on-the-job skills, and prepare for future employment opportunities. Youth participants are able to earn a weekly wage when they demonstrate that they have learned job skills during Work Experience.

Job Placement

Youth Connections has a Job Developer who can assist our youth with job placement. He works with local employers to identify our youth participants who are a match for their position requirements. The Job Developer also assists our participants to sharpen their resume and interviewing skills.