Distributing supplies to homeless veterans

CareerSource Research Coast and Veteran Staffers Organize Successful Stand Down Event for Homeless and At-Risk Veterans

TREASURE COAST – CareerSource Research Coast, in collaboration with its dedicated team of veteran staffers, recently hosted a highly impactful Stand Down event aimed at providing essential supplies, services, and referrals to homeless and at-risk veterans in Indian River, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties. The event, held on multiple days throughout the tri-county area, was a resounding success, leaving a positive impact on the lives of numerous veterans in need.

The Stand Down event, a testament to the commitment and compassion of CareerSource Research Coast and its veteran staffers, offered a wide range of crucial support services to the local homeless veteran population. The primary objective of the event was to address the immediate needs of homeless and at-risk veterans while also connecting them with long-term support and assistance if needed.

Chris Rainey, Joe Svendsen, Jonathan Frazier, and Raul Molina, all esteemed U.S. veterans, and dedicated members of CareerSource Research Coast, spearheaded the initiative by collecting hygiene products and other necessities specifically aimed at meeting the needs of homeless veterans. Their efforts, combined with the generosity of numerous community partners and volunteers, resulted in an abundance of supplies to be distributed during the Stand Down event.

Chris Rainey, CSRC Local Veteran Employment Representative, said, “As veterans ourselves, we understand the challenges faced by homeless and at-risk veterans. It was an honor to organize this Stand Down event and make a difference in the lives of our fellow veterans. We are grateful for the support of CareerSource Research Coast, community partners, and volunteers who came together to create a positive impact.”

Raul Molina, CSRC Local Veteran Employment Representative, shared, “The success of this Stand Down event is a testament to the collective compassion and commitment of everyone involved. We firmly believe that no veteran should ever feel forgotten or unsupported. We are grateful to all the volunteers, community partners, and CareerSource Research Coast for standing alongside us in this important endeavor.”

The event was met with overwhelming appreciation from the veteran community, who expressed heartfelt gratitude for the priority of service they received, and the genuine care demonstrated by CareerSource Research Coast and its committed team. The veterans were deeply touched by the thoughtfulness of those who donated supplies, knowing that they were not forgotten and that others genuinely cared about their well-being.

Joe Svendsen, CSRC Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist expressed, “The Stand Down event served as a powerful reminder of the strength and camaraderie within the veteran community. It was incredibly rewarding to witness the immediate impact of our efforts and witness the appreciation on the faces of the veterans we served. While we wish there wasn’t such a need, we look to continue hosting such events to support our fellow veterans.”

Jonathan Frazier, CSRC Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist, remarked, “It was truly inspiring to witness the impact of this event on the lives of our fellow veterans. By providing essential supplies, services, and referrals, we not only address their immediate needs but also offer them hope and a path towards a brighter future.

CareerSource Research Coast remains committed to supporting veterans and addressing the unique challenges they face by offering Priority of Service for Veterans and their eligible spouses. The organization continues to strive toward creating a supportive environment where all veterans can thrive and access the resources, they need to build fulfilling lives.